Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Download Whatsapp Business Latest Version | Best Business Solution App

Whatsapp Business is the best solution to communicate with your customers more effectively and help you grow your business in a unique way.

If you have a little business and have two different mobile numbers then you can use Whatsapp Business for official use and second for your personal use at the same time. Whatsapp Business Allows you to use Two Whatsapp in one Android Device at a time.

Whatsapp Business and Whatsapp Messenger Two Different Version of Whatsapp and have different features accordingly. Here are the features of Whatsapp Business you can apply it for your valuable customers.

Features Of Business Whatsapp

Business Profile:

By Creating Whatsapp Business profile your valued customer can able to see your information regarding your business like Website, Products, Contact info and your business location.

Messaging Tools:

By Enable this option when your customer text you on business whatsapp your whatsapp auto reply to your customer that indicate that you're away at the time.

Landline Number Facility:

In Whatsapp Business you can use your landline number. but this is very important that at the time of verification on your landline number. You have to choose call me option to receive your verification code.

Two Whatsapp in One Device:

You can use two whatsapp on same device (Whatsapp Messenger and Whatsapp business) but you have to register your both whatsapp on two different numbers.

Whatsapp Web:

Whatsapp Web is a more convenient feature on both Whatsapp Messenger and Whatsapp Business. By this you can scan your QR Code and use your whatsapp on your Computer or laptop. This section you can find right corner of your whatsapp.

Whatapp have the ability to backup your data in your google drive day by day or weekly. You can set your schedule accordingly and restore your data when change your phone and switch to another whatsapp.

Anyway Whatsapp Business is the best tool to co-ordinate with your customers in a very innovative way. you can download Whatsapp Business From Below LInk.

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