Thursday, December 5, 2019

Microsoft Launches Its Edge Browser In Competition Of Google Chrome

Microsoft Launches Its Edge Browser In Competition Of Google Chrome

In fact, Microsoft did not give up on Chrome, and after retiring its old Internet Explorer, introduced the Edge browser, which did not catch the consumer's attention.

Edge Browser

And now the Microsoft Edge is being redesigned with a new logo and a number of new features.
This browser will now work on Google's open source Chromium engine and will be available to users starting January 15, 2020.

The updated Microsoft Edge browser is still available to a limited number of users and thanks to the Chromium engine Microsoft has claimed to improve its performance significantly.In a blog post, the company said, 'We have integrated the Internet with Bing Microsoft Search from your intranet, so you can access important data more than a browser and a search'.

"We are providing more powerful default privacy protection, while users will also benefit from web personalization," said the company.The features of this new browser include searching for Office Companions through search, while Microsoft has also made anti-tracking features part of the default browser.

In addition, a built-in smart screen and tracking presentation are also being provided.

According to MicroSoft it will protect against phishing scam and malware while users can also browse in private mode.

For users who are currently using Internet Explorer 11 or Google Chrome, Microsoft's Advanced Edge browser will also have access to older browsers, while a new collection feature will help users easily collect web content. While being able to export data from apps like Microsoft Word and Excel.


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