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How To Watch Ertugrul In urdu | Season 1,2,3,4,5 in Urdu

How To Watch Ertugrul In urdu | Season 1,2,3,4,5 in Urdu

Ertrugrul Ghazi Is a Most famous Turkish Drama. Ertugrul Drama is now available in urdu Dubbed in many apps but here is the best app in below mentioned where you can find 5 Seasons.

About Ertugrul History 

At the beginning of the 13th century, Muslims by and large were facing a hard time. In the meantime a new Empire started to spread on the globe when in the leadership of Genghis Khan. A bloodthirsty Mongolian army attacked other areas to spread their Empire. Then on one side while passing through Eastern Europe, they reached Central Europe while on the other side they proved their power in Siberia. Subcontinent China and Persian area very soon Mongol armies created a non-comparable history of cruelty and oppression.

All great empires were bowing their heads to Mongol cruelty. On the other hand corazon Empire conquered many areas of Khorasan Iran Syria and Iraq occupied by seljuqs.

At that time, their power was at its peak Genghis Khan named tornado moved towards cours Empire with his all cruelties and tore it into pieces. After the wrath of this Empire Turk tribes residing there started to migrate in search of a safe place.

Most of the tribes were shepherds and Gypsy. Wherever they saw greenery and water. They placed their tents there and started living. Most of these tribes reached Iran and Syria while some of them migrated towards Egypt. One of these Turk tribes was named Kai. A tribe kai tribe was relatively stronger and a little bit more populated than others. This was a warrior tribe and its leader was Suleiman shah.

KAI tribe in the leadership of Suleiman Shah left his homeland Khorasan and went to Syria. On his way while crossing Euphrates River.Suleiman shah drowned and couldn't survive. Suleiman shah had four sons. Gundgo do or Tugrul and donedar. After the death of Suleiman shah Kai tribe got separated son gu talkin and Gundgo do went to a lot with his families and companions remainders chose her.

Tugrul as their leader because of his valor and bravery on earth. Tugrul Ghazi had a brave fearless and warrior personality. He knew very well, how to defend his tribe that's why, he with his brother and his tribe, which was consist of almost four hundred and twenty families headed towards Asia Minor and entered Seljuks Empire. 

At that time seljuq throne belonged to Sultan Allah, who was very famous because of his justice. when Ertugrul Ghazi was going to capital Konya with his tribe to seek refuge under Sultan Allah.

On his way near Ankara  Ertugrul Ghazi saw two armies fighting with each other.  Ertugrul Ghazi was familiar with none of the armies but he whilst watching that one of them is less crowded and the other one is a huge army.

He with his smallest army who were totally 420 only stood with the less crowded ones he attacked the opponent army with his these few soldiers.

Suddenly and strongly opponents army got scared and thought that they might have
got some help from somewhere. This army whilst it was winning lost the battle later on it came to know that the army whom a Ertugrul Ghazi helped was the army of Seljuk Sultan Allah.

Deen was very impressed by  Ertugrul Ghazi bravery and his tribe was given the area of corikauk near ankara in its empire it was a hilly area kai tribes settled there it is said that Sultan Allah.

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