Monday, April 12, 2021

Period Tracker Apk Latest Version Free Download | APK v11.73

Period Tracker Apk Latest Version Free Download

What is Period Tracker App ?

Period tracker is a android app where you can track logs your dates and calculates the average of your past 3 months' menstrual cycles to predict the start date of your next period.
The easiest way to track your periods is through the Period Tracker app. This is the latest version of Period Tracker. Just click the download button given below and the download will obviously start. Installation takes up only 19.48 MB of disk space. It can be easily used on any Android phone and tablet due to its light space of storage (19MB) and it can also be used on 4.1 and above android versions.
Period Tracker

Features Of  Period Tracker

  • View your current and future period dates
  • Your symptoms in a simple month-view calendar
  • Decorate your phone with an icon that looks great on your home screen and that's discreet
  • Take daily notes of moods, symptoms, and intimacy.
  •  Easily view the number of days until next period or number of days late.
  •  Know when you're fertile with flowers that show on your home screen during your predicted ovulation and eight day "fertile window.

How to download Period Tracker ?

You have two resources to download this app. First download it from Play Store Or from our site. Downloading from play store is easy and downloading from our site is also very easy.  If you are having difficulty in downloading any app from our site, please read this paragraph carefully. In this, I explained the entire download process, from downloading APK files to installing and allowing security settings. 

Install App After Download

Please follow the following Points first 
Go to your Android safety order. Then find "Unknown Source". Tap enabled. This will let you to install apps from browser.
 Now find the download button on this post. Tap it and it will send you to the downloaded page.

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